A wrap for awareness!

Hey loves! 
Today is a huge day internationally where we turban/wrap/gele lovers come together by wrapping our heads to show awareness of the 230 girls that were taken from their school in Nigeria by what is said to be terrorist. 
A few girls managed to run away what was said to be around 40 and the rest are still missing. 
The media hasn't been what some would call informative globally and many are feeling like this could be a race issue and the UN needs to do more and the only way we can put more pressure is to make awareness of the issue! 
I just wanted to share awareness with you about this and if you haven't worn your headwrap in a while then put it on to show your support. Like I wrote today was the international day for it but wear it everyday if you want so if some ones ask you, tell them about the girls in Nigeria! 

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