Watch out fi this: Smokey eye with a touch of glitter

Hey gurl! 

Hope your doing well! 
If you're one of my followers I just wanted to once again say THANK YOU for showing love and support! It isn't easy doing what I do at this time that I'm doing it with a baby but I do it because I love it, you guys motivate me and show me support. Because you guys keep checking in and many of you have hit the subscribe button I decided to do my first "get ready with me" video on my youtube channel. I will be showing you how I created my make up look that I had at the Busy Signal show and my gorgeous fun and playful outfit from Sabaratay and jewelry from Colours of Africa so watch out fiiii dis!!!!
So here is what I'll be showing you;

A smooth smokey eye with a touch of glitter! I can't waaaait, hopefully the video should be up latest this week! 

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