How to detangle curly crochet braids

Hey loves! 

Thanks for the love regarding my crochet braids, my video has been very popular and I'm glad that I could help out, if you have any questions then feel free to ask. 
Today I have had them I think 3weeks and since its synthetic and curly hair it does tangle and that is something no one can escape haha. So if your thinking about doing my kind of crochet braids this could be another helpful post for you. 
Today I decided to go through the knots but I'm a "easy access gyal "as my man likes to say, which basically means I like things to happen now and fast haha! So of course I don't want to spend an hour going through my knots in my hair so what I did was this: 
I took my tangle teaser brush (shown in my diy wig video) and I brushed from tip and up as much as possible to help me loose the knots from my hair without too much pressure on the rest of the hair and then I separated my hair from the root with help from my sectioned cornrows. This helps separate the hair so you can turn and twist so that all the hair doesn't move in one turn (makes it seem more real) 
I then did a little finger detangling in the sections that were a little bit too tangled for my brush. 
After this your going to need a scissors to of course cut off all the knots. The hair will of course be BIG, but use water and oil spray if you want to minimize your volume. 
Today I liked it big! 
Here are a few pictures of my detangling! 

Here one side is detangled 

Seperating the sections

These are the knots that came out after using the tangle teaser 

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#1 - - marre:

Måste fråga vart har du köpt håret? :)


Svar: Hej Marre! Finns en video om allt om du kollar mina videon u

#2 - - Anonym:

Okek i will check :) glad att det går bra för dig jätte bra kommer få massa inspiration från dig.
Föresten åkte förbi dig i dag.

:) kram