How to get a flawless look: thanks to the beauty blender!

Hello loves! 

Remember I posted about a month ago about how disappointed I was in H&M's remake of the famous beauty blender? I have finally got the real deal and I tried it in my new video and look for the busy signal concert. 
What did I think? It was seriously worth every single penny! I ordered two of them with a cleansing soap and I paid around 400:- with taxes. The sponge it's self is really small but when put in water and squeezed out it becomes bigger. 
Why a beauty blender? 
The beauty blender is there to help you put on what ever you want, blush, concealer, highlighter, contouring powders, foundations you name it (but not eyeshadow/mascara so take it easy now haha) without creating any harsh lines. It basically blends everything together for you and gives you a flawless look. I can now use my lightest concealers and blend it all together with my dark powders without any harsh lines or weird contrast between my under eyes and cheeks. 
I love this product and do highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get it. 
Are there other options?
I tried different brushes and worked with what I had like a foundation brush, not that bad. 
I also tried the h&m alternative (waste of money) instead of blending it erases all of your products from your face.
The macs answer to the beauty blender is around 170:- I believe and was out of stock, so that could also be an option but the beauty blender is like magic and I don't regret buying it! 

I did my highlighting/contouring with it for this look and I will never have to worry again about huge tone differences it all blends so well. No lines or edges!  

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