Healthy hair don't care ! (A little length check)

It was a while since I did a length check and I don't like to focus too much on the length (im more into equal and thick hair) but this picture had me really surpised and I thought perhaps it could be a great motivation picture for anyone transitionins/big chopped or maybe thinking about going natural. 
I ain't gonna lie girl the journey isn't easy. Don't look at others with 3a/4a hair hahah cause that will never be you . Sometimes a protective style is the rescue from going craycray, but going natural is possible and growing healthy long hair is possible if you work really hard. I am still working hard to get my dream hair and this is a life journey, it doesn't stop at a certain time or length check, this is a life commitment. 
If your not dedicated to this forever then going natural isn't for you. Your hair won't grow by it's self and there aren't any magic prdocuts that will make it grow but there are products and methods that will help you retain your hair. 

Here is a picture I took about two months ago after removing my twist. 
I will be posting another length check for you (front section only) to show you how much my mini big chopped hair has grown since february! 
As you can see in the picture it's grown pretty much already. 
Healthy hair, don't care! 

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