Azelias hair and head band fashion

Wow, I can't believe I've been a mother to this fantastic, cute, bubbly and cheeky baby girl almost a year! 
She makes me smile everyday and I can't wait for the rest of our life long journey together! 
I love hair and I have put my interest of that already into Azelias life, for those curious I haven't started brushing her hair yet and I've only done two conditionings. I am not stressed at all about her hair, I won't be doing any braids/weaves soon hahaha! 
I just enjoy her using cute bows/head bands. 
I started hair -decoration-planning already when she was in my stomach by making different bows for her but I have also been buying them from different places (h&m, jamaica and crafting them with materials from fabric stores and online). She looks adorable in all of her different styles.  
Here are a few. Her hair is really soft, she has a little of my texture at the back of her head but besides that pretty soft. 
Here are a few pictures of Azelias head band fashion!

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