Todays look- Retro bun for natural hair

I have finally removed my crochet braids buuhuu! But it needed to be done, I don't wear protective styles more than 5weeks because my hair just won't look great but most importantly my hair won't be healthy. I actually didn't take care of my hair as much as I usually and wanted to this time around. I did get to pay a little for that  but then again I guess I was naturally suppose to lose hair since it's been in for a month. 
Before my next protective style I might do a little trim. Anyways I wanted to share my look of the day and as you can see my hair is growing by the minute, nice and thick. 
How I achieved my definition is with shea butter and then I twisted my hair in 5 sections after the shower and let it air dry. I do NOT comb my hair and haven't done so in perhaps 5months because I wanted to see if it would change anything and it has A LOT! 
To achieve this look I used hair pins, from taj mahal that are great for my really thick hair. This hairstyle is also great if you (like me) are crazy or just have short hair in front or (like me) decided to transition in front hahaah and then mini big chop. Then you (like me) will have a little shorter in front. 
Anyways this is a cute, fast, retro, protective for your ends and can be edited in many ways. I am going to post a youtube video about my hairstyles for natural hair very soon! 
See you in my next video girlfriend !