Todays look- Afropuff.

Hey girl! 
I'm really trying my best to keep myself busy hairwise but my cold is really getting to me! 
I have already planned my next hairstyle and it's waiting for me in the hallway and kitchen to attend to it haha but I have nooo energy! FIX IT JESUS haha! 
It has been a while since I did a -todays look- so I put one together for you. This was my hairlook for the day, normal 4chair in a nice puff :) My hair is growing well. I had small shedding after my crochet braids so I did an oil treatment, protein treatment and a trim. Now My hair is back to it's self:) I put in sheabutter and spritz with water several times today now that it's hot outside. 
Take a look

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Coolt! =)