Make up school : 1

Hey Girl!
I am back and feeling great!
Pretty tired from all the things going on but feeling great !
I have finally started my education in MAKEUP!!!! WIIIHOOO! So I am in it to win it and guuurl it is sooo exciting.
I have no make up experience only like you, make up for party or just to feel/look good. Because I love you guys so much I thought I could share my journey with you and give you some tips from now and then. 
Here is my first makeup  home work which was to do foundation, concealor, higlight/shading and a red lip with matching blush to give an intensive look. 
The challenge for me here was to try to edit my lips so they looked even. I have BIG ass lips hahah and I love them, but for me editing was a bit hard because I had to fix my underlip to be even on both sides.
I used first a lippencil, to contour and then rubbed it gentley on my lips so that the lipstick wouldn't bleed and crack. Then I put on my lipstick, this is Ruby Woo from Mac. 
Tip of the day: When putting on foundation put it on in a down motion that way you fine hairs on your face will lay down perfectly. I was told to use a sponge but I liked my own foundation brush better. 
What do you think? 
 My eyebrows where NOT done in this picture because it was a foundation/lipstick focused home work.