Naturalista? Then this is NOT for you!

It's a sad hair day for me ! 
I washed my hair yesterday evening and because my hair is 100% afro my beautiful twist are no longer beautiful. 
As I mentioned in my -get my look -post that I wouldn't be able to have it that long because of my frizz I didn't think it would be this soon though! I have been to the gym 3 times since I put them in and before I put them in I did a co-wash and this was probably a week ago.
So if your a naturalista this style is clearly NOT for you. 
Especially if you want something for a long time and if you plan on washing your hair at all HAHA! 
If your hair is permed then GO FOR IT! 
All I can do is laugh at the situation because we learn as long as we live! 
Whats my plan? Well I'm just going to chill out and I'm sure my creative mind will find something soon enough!
But another protective style is around the corner! 
The results after 1wash 
I started taking it out last night. Now I have to go to the gym like this haha