Honey and argan oil conditioner

Hey loves! 
I just finished my deep conditioning with honey and argan oil and then rinsed with conditioner also known as co-washing and I loved the results 

Why did I chose to do this
Because I was bored haha, but also because I wanted to give my hair a little extra umf tonight. 
I wanted my hair to get extra shine, softness but also bring out my curls. The honey was for shine and curl definition and the argan oil was for the softness. 

How did I do it
I sectioned my hair and put in the honey, argan oil and then sprayed my hair with a little water. As far as measurements I also go on my gut feeling because my hair can handle a lot of product but also it absorbs like a sponge. But if I had to give you a little info I would say 1table spoon honey in every section and a half teaspoon argan oil in every section. 
I then put on my plastic cap, took a bath with my daughter and put her to bed. So this was probably 40min together after that I rinsed it out with hot water and my moisture conditioner from tresemme. I washed it with conditioner because I washed my hair day before yesterday so I didn't want a total cleans.  

The results
Very soft, shiny, defined and bouncy hair! I love iiiit! 
When ever your bored give your hair a little boost! 

Excuse my wackeyness! 

The results!