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Hello beautiful people!
Today is a beautiful day in Stockholm so I took my behind outside to take some pictures for you today and let you in on the info about my new protective hairstyle. For those who don't know a protective style is a style that does what it says - protects your afro hair. Afro hair is sensitive to EVERYTHING girl, so from time to time we need to do protective styles. I decided within two days (I'm always like that, I need to get things done quickly haha) that I wanted to try out twist with soft hair and I wanted it long, so I chose to use : Expression from dream girl bought at ebony store in Stockholm.
I bought 5 packages but used only two since I cut each package in half. We twisted the hair and then knotted the ends, put it in boiled water for the twist to stay in place and for a cleaner look. Now this style won't last me that long because I have really curly hair but it's a very gorgeous, lady like & romantic look.
The big plus about this hair is it keeps your hair a little more moisturized than the last kinky hair I used which in my experience was "dryer" but still hotness *grrr*. 
The expression is also very light and it feels like almost like nothing on your head and easy to sleep with. I don't find it hard to take care of my baby with these long braids. I just put it up in a bun when I'm at home taking care of Azelia and style it how I want when I'm out and about.
To keep it fresher longer, I like to spray some aloe Vera juice to keep my own hair in shape/moisturized, then apply some gel to calm my Afro frizz and always wear my satin bonnet when at home. Wearing my hair down also puts less stress on my hair.
I love this look and I will be doing it again!
I also did a litte easter edition on my make up. For those who want to know what I'm wearing : The eyeshadows are from BH Cosmetics the 120 color eyeshadow palette 4th edition. 
I went bold and used shimmery colors on the lid and crease: Purple, green & yellow. Around the brow I used only matte colors from Mac like swiss chocolate to transition. On my tearducts I used a white from the same 120 palette.
I also used my lovely eyelashes from Ardell that I hated in the beginning but now I've learned how to put them on to get the maximum effect I want. These lashes: 137 are only for the bold who want their eyelashes to pop through a heavy eye look like mine. 
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#1 - - Victoria- Boss Ass Bitch:

Hej lionessontherise! Tack för en bra blogg och dina marley braids/havana twists blev superfina!! :-) jag funderar själv på att prova göra denna hårfrisyr. Hur mycket kostade löshåret du köpte på ebony store? Tacksam för svar!

Svar: Hej Victoria! Tack för att du gillar bloggen och för att du når ut till mig. Känns jättekul! Håret från ebony om jag inte minns fel kostade 99:- paketet. Kör på man lär sig mer och för varje braid och man kan ha kul med det här håret, glöm inte och spara den så kan du vara med och göra min nästa frisyr också ;) PUSS och kram