Bambaataa bambaata and Fasching was dope part 2 !

Heello Good night.
...Oweei sometimes I just get myself into more than I can handle.
Meaning that I had planned that my friday was going to be steady and easy. I was suppose to go fix my nails at sarah and then go get my second dj leason with Ulmox at Scandic Malmen and then head home like a good girl. But did that happend ? Hell to the noo.
Me and pat got caught up in the hype so we followed Ulmox to his gig at Södra Teatern, his club is called Bambaata Bambaata, it was just too sweet to leave. This dude plays EVERYTHING you could want squeed in into a night out.
It was everything from salsa, african, dancehall, reggae and soul!!! I love the mixture of the crowd too, it's really different ages/colors. It was mad. But the party didn't stop there, after that we went to Faschin, they had some hiphop thing there, wasn't really as good as bambaata, but it was dope. Thanks for yesterday guys, you totally fucked up my plans today haha...But it ws worth it!
Ulmox and Patricia you rock!
A little picture from the crowd at Bambaata. It was really hot in there.
Hang over mode today if you didn't get it haha ;)
Put I'm up now, and going to wash my hair and sstart packing for tomorrow.
Going to Riga for two days, it's going to be DOPE!!!