New Tune From Hott Head Busy Signal that I had to share !

Happy Friday!
I just had to rush to my computer to share this with you haha!
Mr Busy Signal is one of my favorite dancehall artists because he is so versatile and does his own thing like nobody else. When he takes a song that already exsistes he really does a mad turn over and actually better than the first I mean he actually made me like the country song the Gambler haha!
The song I heard today was released last night on his Facebook and I woke up this morning in a great mood because of this song and the video was just the cherry on top with his talented and crazy fun dancehall queens. 
He has sampled (oooh I'm learning from my man the right terms these days haha) the song Personally by nigerian group P Square which is one of my favorite songs too, and I love that he did a dancehall version of it.
Mad tune Mr. Hott head!
Here is The original Nigerian P Square song:
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