Jeans n fitted and tattoo time.

Hey !
Hope everything is fine and dady with all you sweet people out there ;)
I'm really feeling good today, I guess cause this week is my week, it's full of nice and HAPPY things.
Last week is sooo last week and never again haha, finally  *pheeew*
I'm going shopping today with Esma & Patricia, and going to get my tatto planned, cause I really want this dude to to it otherwise I'm not doing it, but of course I wanna see him in person and chat a little. Cause this is going to be on my body for the rest of my life, so it's gotta be planned.
Right now I'm late to everything today, but I just don't wanna stress, it's not freakin' worth it. It's my day off and I'm going to do it how I wanna. Nice n sloow =)
So today I'm wearing my favorite pair of jeans, just sit the way I want to, with a grey top, this is my look today =)
Gotta run
Have a nice day xoxo/ Lionesss
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