Curls for bob hairstyles.

Yesterday Audrey did my hair, but since it was so late and I wasn't really sure how I wanted the finishing job to look like i decided to sleep on it.
I have been looking around on the internet for some inspiration. The hairstyle I have, would look really good if I could get one side to look longer than the other and curl it into a bob. So I was thinking of cutting it into a little bob, but the thing is my bang is really heavy and long, so I have to curl it too.
So I was looking for what curls I should go for and these are a few of them I found:
maybe the Bigger curls with a soft bang like Keri Hilson:
Or maybe just focus on the tips of the hair like Rihanna? :
Maybe pin it all back and focus on the frontal part Like Eva Longoria? :
My bang is really heavy, so I don't know ...hmm really hard, but might just have to go with the flow to get what I want....that usually works. But maybe you can use these pictures as inspiration next time your styling your hair :)
Catch you later!
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