My crazy weekend. We owned the dancefloor.

Hey !

Today I'm really not in the mood, not really to see talk or what ever involves people.
I was already in a bad mood yesterday. But I hooked up with some nice people, of caourse then I meen people I know already, but also some new people that set off some really mixed signals within me.
But my Friday was good I hooked up with Mr. H we had sushi and we already set of on a bad page at the begining of the evening, a little mini fight between us, but we solved it.
It wa my first time makin sushi and with that I mean at my place for the first time haha, I bought all the ingredients that I needed here is the proof, they turned out really good the rice was perfectly cooked yeeeah thumbs up to me, cause that was the hard part.
Mr. H made the sushi roles, they were veggie roles. I did make one huge mistake though. I put waaaay too much wasabi in the sushi hahahahahh! So we kind of got some unpleasant surprises a little now and then, but here are the beauties:

On saturday I met up with Tania and her hubby and  how can I forget my friend Patricia who needed to celebrate her birthday one more time since it totally sucked the last weekend ha ha ha hah ah! it was tooo funny man!
Anyways we were at Mosebacke danced our asses off to soca and dancehall. I don't think I let go like that since Beenie Man last year. Bwoy everyone was sweating and dancing :) the mode was just right. My feet are still hurting today!!!!
We all had a really nice time, and I was wearing pants for the first time that I usually find really uncomfortable, But I was wining my butt like no tomorrow haha! 
After that we took a quick trip to east and then we decieded to head over to Marcels friends appartment. we had a little mini afterparty.  Something really stranged happend and I just wanted to go home. Got home maybe around 0700
My sunday I met up with Esma and Lara we had something to eat and then I went home cause I was really feeling off..I think that the strange thing that happend on saturday just really got to me.
Well... Thanks guys for a really nice saturday evening, it was wicked!

HAHA I look really wierd in tihs photo, but it's a nice group photo and Pat, I love that it looks like you have short hair too. The short hair crew :) You know we owned the dancefloor!
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