Can I man up?

Good evening, I am really out in deep water tonight haha, Im hanging out with Ulmox at Arkösund hotel cause he has a gig here and I hopefully will try to play a few songs if I can just man up. But to be honest I really want to do it but I guess Im afraid of making mistakes that I have made at home while practicing...pat has told me that I am a control freak and Im starting to believe more and more that, that is true.. But the only way to learn is to make mistakes so just gotta do it... We just had dinner about an hour ago and I had the best duckmeal ever!!!! It was with mashed potatoes and the skin was grilled/roasted and I couldnt stop eating it!!!! Daaaamn! Here are a few food pictures. Ulmox will be playing around 24.00 and I hope next time I'm here I can share good news hahah! Catch ya later!

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