Hey Girl !
I am so happy right now because my mini tutorial and summer give away is finally here !
This is one of many surprises I have in store for my followers. 
I have gifts from my favorite store Colours of Africa & I'm giving away my go-to- wedding hair, I also squeed in a mini tutorial of how I achieved it. Guuurl just watch the video all ready and you'll get all the info you need!
If you want to be a part of my give away, here are the rules if you have a hard time watching the movie. 
1. Follow me on instagram (Lioness_Davis) & on facebook (many colours of a black woman)
2. Follow Colours of Africa on instagram (Colours_of_Africa) & on facebook (Colours of Africa)
3. Put down your facebook and instagram name here in this post (further down) and let me know where your from, I want to get to know you guys ! :)
Here is the video enjooooy!
P.s I LOVE YOU !!!!
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