My first MAC full eyeshadow tryout

I'm sooo excited haha, I tried my first make up eye tutorial for about 5min ago and I didn't turn out 100 percent asI wanted it to but it did go pretty well, everything was good except for the black color that is still having a slight blue effect on my chocolate skin :( When I went to mac it was black on my hand but in the mirror and blended with all these 3shades it's freaking blue!!! But besides that I love it! I think my techniques were pretty darn good for a first timer, don't you think? 
I think I'm going to mac tomorrow to get a tutorial with a primer that is like white cause now I have a goldish color, that should help black stay black. And I'm getting a new brown color/gel for my eyebrows and a brush from hm to get them to look fierce! I am in it to win it! 
I am also trying something new with a little videopic, hope it works, here I am sorry about the lighting guys, it's dark outside so this is what I can do at the monent, the picture to the left (the biggest one) is the finishing product when everything was well blended :) ! Peace and good night loves! 

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