I highly recommend that you keep up!

Good day world! 
How are you doing? Missed me? I have been busy lately trying to catch up with life and a few things that my page has lead me to. I got the honor of doing Kristin Amparos (singer) makeup for a tv show called SommarKrysset. It was an event that really had me peeing my pants because I am a learner. I did learn during our two days of hanging out, with that said it was a lot of fun and a great experience.
I am also currently planning other things for my blog and youtube channel so I highly recommend that you keep up with me.
If I'm not here that much it's because I'm growing outside of this and trying to keep up! It's so much fun!!! I will of course not forget to check in as soon as there is time and let you in on life's wonders! 

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