The Afro is growing

Hey guys!

Today I slept for looong and I feel even more tired.
Friday night was awesome at bambaataa always a bunch of people with a feeling for dancing. I was really happy with my hair it turned out great, ot is hard to take pictures but it had a plum color to it that are hard to show in a picture.
Today was my spa/treat my hair day. I tool a fierce afro picture today to show what my fro is looking like after soon one year of starting over. For those who don't know I cut my hair down to about 1 mm about a year ago and just kept it natural and not too many products, I do put in conditioners and treatments once a week from keraste. This is what it looks like today;) I do need to get it trimmed a little I guess cause the ends are getting very knotty. But this is what it looks like, I washed and blow dry it with a afrocomb that I attached to the dryer otherwise it is impossible!

A bit angry face haha but I like it, a little attitude in it. I call it; kill bill ;)

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