My henna project part 1

Hi guys!
I'm back! Haha I didn't get my alone time breakfast cause as soon as I logged out both hubby and Azelia woke up haha! I guess I jinxed it. But the morning was still steady, baby fed Azelia so I could continue eating. Now I've just fed Azelia and I thought I could share a little hair news with you.
As most of my readers may know I'm on a natural journey with my hair and aiming for a shoulder length of full healthy same length afro. So this means no chemicals in my hair.
I've been studying about henna and what benefits it has for Afro hair and of course the nice color it can give my hair. So the other day I went to the store 'Lush' and asked a few questions about their henna called mama caca rouge ( I know it sounds really weird) hahah and I was really happy about their customer service and unfortunately the swedish girl didn't know anything if it helps smooth out your curls a little but everything else I had read about seemed true. So she was so kind enough to give me a free sample of the henna that I wanted. I am really excited guys !!! I'm hoping for an hombre effect (lighter ends) and a fuller and a little bit looser curls so that I can do more with it, I hope it goes into a nice red, if it's intense doesn't matter, I can carry it haha! So when I remove my braids I'm ready to do my henna sample in the back of my hair to see what it looks like and after that I will make up my mind if I want to color my whole hair !!!! Gash so excited if never done this before.
But just wanted to tip you to go to lush if your considering doing henna, stop by one of their stores and ask for a sample!
I'll let you know when I'm ready to do my hair! Laters

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