I've grown a lot since my last blog post

Hi loves! 
Hope you enjoyed your friday, I had a very odd day yesterday, I went shopping because sales is craaazy right now but I couldn't find anything, I spent probably 4-5 hours and came home with onyl things for Azelia hahah! 
I am going to look today as a last minute option. My plan is to show you what I got, so wish me luck otherwise I'll have to pull something out of the old wardrobe... 
Besides wardrobe failure, I had a great highlight/contour day haha 
Highlight = where you want the light to hit your face or you want features more shown
Contour= where you want shadows to hit your face and not put focus on. Makes features seem smaller.  
So here is the picture evidence. I think I've grown a lot since my last blog post, what do you think?