Stockholm reggae club 3 years anniversary

Hey guys!
Hope all is well, I am so freaking exahusted from this day and it's not even over yet for me, been studying since I got home tonight and I have to finish a few other things before resting tongiht :( Ouuuh
Anyways I haven't left a little info about my saturday night out with my cousines, baby and his friends :)
We went to slakhuset to the big 3years anniversary of Sthlm reggae club. It was a really nice night, I wanted to party all night, it was a shame they closed 3oclock cause that was when I was getting in the mood haha.
The main floor was hosted by the big dj Rodigan and the other two were a little mixed, and a perfomance by govenour andy. It was all together a very good mixture :) It was all together, reggae,dancehall and soca most of the night. I hope they do that again sometime it was really nice! Mixed people too. I enjoyed myself no doubt.
Here a few mingle pictures we took from that night. Sorry didn't have anymore. But it was wicked :)
Glad you could join :) 
♥ Dude got the peephole to my soul
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