Trying to make this my lifestyle.


I've been indoors most of the day and wasn't planning on going outside but then I took the opportunity to go to town with Emma when she was on her way back to town after visiting us. 
I have really been stepping up my game when it comes to going to the gym and getting proper exercise. I really think I'm becoming a gym girl guys, it's really fun! 
As soon as I can (mentally speaking) I'm going to try to cut down on more unhealthy food but at the moment I don't think I'm ready to cut back on everything (it's no fun to be totally limited) and make promises to yourself you just can't keep. I'm trying to make this my lifestyle so I got to do it within my time and my rules. One thing I'm avoiding is processed food like sausges etc I'm NOT eating sausages anymore that shit is just bad. I also try to cook my own food at home instead of eating out, this also helps save money. 
To keep myself motivated and in my gymflow I thought it would be good to reward myself with some new gymclothes, so I went shopping today and here is what I got: gympants, 3tanktops, a water bottle and a key holder.   Love it ! 

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