Hotel and trip booked!

Sorry not been able to blog, a lot to take care of, many thoughts going through my head like crazy, you have nooo idea haha, big decisions to make and gotta grow some balls to make it better for myself. So just trying to "man" up.
But it's nothing negative all positive things to make my world a better place!
On my way to work and feeling like the winter darkness doesn't fit me, but now me and baby have booked our trip and hotel to London. I haven't been there for 10freaking years!!! Crazy huh? For those who don't know, I spent my childhood from 3-9years in London, grew up in streatham with my grandmas sister, terrible childhood to be honest, a few traumatizing years , but I am looking forward to going this time. Can't wait to see what it looks like, if I remember a few things and try out the night life! I also can't wait spending time with my family and not to mention all the shopping we are going to can't wait!!!

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