Our baby girl has arrived!

I'm just leaving a quick post cause I am breastfeeding our little angel that came to this world on the 28th of july at 18.03 and she weighs 3.355 g and is 53cm tall :O I am soo blessed and Shebis the cutest baby I've seen in a while hehe, I know everyone says that about their first borns but I mean it hehe! I can't stop looking.
In My last post I went for a check up and it didn't go so welI so then I had to start my labor the day after but that didn't help me at all cause apparently there were other things wrong with my labor so only thing to do was a caesarian.
But the great lord was with me and we Got a baby girl wooohooop!!!
We have had a few visitors already and might have a few more today :) this is really cozyness to the max guys! Thanks for the support me and hubby appreciate it a lot!
Sorry no pictures of her, only for our family and friends because I feel like some people just want to know your business but are not necessarily happy for you but also cause I don't want her face all over the internet. We gave her the one and only name we were thinking about our whole pregnancy and that was ; Azelia and is greek and means Flower :) Welcome to the world Azelia Karen Elaine, we love you!


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