Studynation and Okra Soup

Good evening!
I am really freakin tired, but still did what I had to do this evening.
I came home after hang out with Mr.H and I finally did the interview I had to do over the phone with Magnus, that is a receptionist and asked him a couple of questions about the company he works for, it was a part of my homework.
At the same time, I cooked Okra Soup hahah! I am nooot kinding! I have missed it like a baby misses a comforter haha.
It has just finished and ooh boy do I feel like eating it now, I put two peppers in it, so it's going to be just how I want it, spicey. In Sierra leone we usually make it with palm oil, just how I did tonight. But I won't be having any food tonight, this is for the days ahead that are full of studying etc.
I promise to hit you with my really funny weekend ( NOT!!! ) tomorrow, haha sad but so fucking funny at the same time.. shheeeeeeiiit! *Clay Davis, from the wire*
Anyways time for a sandwich and the wire ;)
Here is a proper okra soup from Sierra Leone, don't get too hungry ;)
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