Todays look- Soft browns

Hey loves! 

Hope you're having a fun day. Besides my boyfriend being sick I am having a very good and productive day. I finished editing my youtube "get to know me" video and it will be up tonight for you to see. I am also working on giving you guys a makeup tutorial on how I do my neutral eyemake up look. It works with EVERYTHING. I am in to browns right now. Gold is always a favorite but you could kind of say I'm getting to know my browns and I'm having a blast actually. Browns work day/night and work great on black and white skin! 
These pictures are from my look today before heading to a meeting and I do have gold on my lid and tearduct but besides that it's dark browns & a purple brown. As you can see I am wearing all kinds of colours today (don't ask me why) and the makeup still matches. 

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