Bandana madness

Good daay!

Hope everything is good with ya? Started my day with a little morning cozyness, stayed in bed maybe two hours after we woke up. Really nice, since I've been working all week we didn't really have time for each other, cause I came home so late at night and trust me, it isn't easy with a new job and studying in the evening. So bascially I just had to go to bed when I came home.
Anyways, I haven't really posted anything hairrelated in a while, I have bought a little new products to keep my hair, soft and managable. But from time to time I go from wanting it short to doing some braids or something. But I don't know, mostly just looking for something different. Getting kind of bored haha.
But then I remebered that I love the gangsta/pinup or what ever you wanna call it look.  Just a nice bandana from time to time and since my hair is short it really fits.
Baby has a few bandanas that I'm probably going to start using :)
Here are a few different colors, pattern and from india etc.;
This is from spring time last year, so I will be rocking this kind of look :)
This one is a really cool bandana, but it's too short for my head, but this is what it is for ;)
Too hide your identity if needed haha! Scary huh?
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