A few things to take care of before peanut is here

Hope you guys are doing fine!
I have been feeling like shit these two past days, felt a bit sick and had some family issues going on, I guess everyday can't be happy happy happy! And when something happens you have you to get to the root of the problem so that it doesn't happen again. Life is also about taking care of problems not just smiling and pretend nothings wrong. Me and baby had an issue that needed to be sorted out before continuing on our journey of life together. We have been talking a couple of days and we finally came to a bridge that works for both of us, but we still got some more talking to do. I am trying to take care of every little negative aspects of my life and personality before our sweetie comes so that I can be the best mom I possibly can be.
It means dealing with ghost from the past and looking within and it's actually going really good. I am so blessed to have the boyfriend I have, since he has two kids he is/has prepared me for the most parenthood has to offer. The most important thing is to remember -" I was young too" and " how did I feel when my parents treated me this way" cause if you are brought up knowing one mentality,good/bad, you can bring that into your child's world unintentionally. So it's all about being true to yourself.
So this is a great thing to talk about before having kids and just think about if there is anything you want to change/enhance before you get kids, cause that little soul deserves the best :)

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