Isadoras glossy waterproof eyeliner review

Good evening
I am so excited about my future because I have had really great things coming up and I can't wait for the future hi hi!
Makeup wise I am growing as well even though I wasn't really looking for all this that had happened, but if this is gods plan I am on it like a mosquito on skin hehe!
I wanted to give you guys a quick review of the Isadoras waterproof glossy eyeliner. 
I bought  it perhaps two months ago and I was excited because I wanted a eyeliner that was easy to get your perfect lines with. I have been using eyeliner for many years but I just can't say I'm a eyeliner pro. One thing I've learned about makeup Journey is that one needs to continue practicing but it's also about using the right products and finding an eyeliner that has a thinner tip like the Isadora waterproof liner. 
What do I think about it?
Well to be honest, it wasn't as I though it would wasn't Matt ( haha, I knew that) buuuut I realitet I do  My love Matt eyeliner but this one does do what I want it. to do in trend of easy to paint it. on My wrinkled eye haha. But the bad thing about it is that it kind of crumbles when it goes dry...I don't know what they put in it, but it just isn't okey, I want something smooth and easy to work with. But the pen does make it easier to get your sleek lines. 

I give it a 5/10 
Here is a look I did with it ....