A great cleansing juice

Goood morning followers! 
Hope you are in a good mood as I am?  
My body is really going through rehab at the moment because I've cut out sweets/sugars out of my life and my body can't handle it hahaha. I am also hurting a little from my previous workout. 
I started about a week ago going back to the gym and yesterday I decided to try out a cleansing/detox juice. 
The juice is amazing for getting rid of anything that your body needs out. It could show in different ways like sweat /doing the nr2. 
I tried it like I said yesterday and not only does it taste good but I've been to the bathroom 3 times since I drank it. 
I am a hair fanatic and eating all kind of fruits/vegetables is high on my list because it gives me healthy hair but some times I just don't know how to eat certain things because I don't like the original taste- like celery. This cleansing juice has given me a way to eat celery with out needing to put on my sad face. 
I wanted to share this for those who are interested because I really enjoyed the taste and it seems to be working! 
This recipe was originally from a dr phoenix that I follow on instagram  but there was one ingredient (nectarines) that I couldn't find in the store and I forgot the carrots but otherwise we went all out. I just made the measurements more easy to understand for europeans. 

For 4 people 
2 pears
2 carrots 
2 stalks celery 
2 nectarines 
1 lemon
1 orange
1dl honey
5cm ginger
0,5dl water 
Mix all in a blender