Twangie Saturday home cooking/afterparty/ pancake sunday !

O'boy I have a lot of pictures from Saturday, I'll let the pictures tell the story:
It was Me, Tania, Frida, Don Paco, Dj Patuu, Lizzy and Paulo from the beginning, the plan was a cozy evening with some home cooked food aka african food, alcohol and laughter;
Paulo and Frida


Our plan went pretty well ...UNTIL
Whiskey and brandy came out :

It tasted:
Really good HAHA:
Lioness chillin in Chile!
And as we all know, we must pay for our sins, sinner nr 1:
These are the remainings of Don Paco:
And remainings of DJ PATUU haha, gotta love this picture:
Then to get over our hangovers Paco mixed and I fried pancakes :) Took me maybe forever to fry and about 5 minutes for us to eat :D
Then it was time to go home and get some more sleep.
But I guess it's true Twang System will...

And finally the third but not last sinner, Me in Twangie Gear;)
Thanks everyone for a crazy weekend ♥
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