Thought it would be easier, YEAH right!

Hello people!
Sorry for no post today, I thought I would have the time to put some up this morning before leaving for work, but noope! Too stressed. I slept almost all afternoon /evening yesterday. OMG I was still tiered this morning haha.
But I love my job so when I had woken up after my first cup of coffee I did what I do best, smile and take care of our customers.
But to be honest I thought today wouldn't be like it was. We didn't have that much to do, but I did stuff anyways, all the small things, until my feet started hurting around 1700 ( I've been in heels all day) So now a boyfriend with massage skills wouldn't hurt, anyone?
Then we got all kinds of customers, really good for business, but you know when all you energy is gone and it's time to go home and you don't get to go home? HAHA yes that was my last hour at work today, I mean I worked over time. Yepp so now when I got home I couldn't be happier to kick of my shoes and you know do my happy dance, this is me stripping down and being happy to get home. Also a moment to show my outfit today haha (NO my shirt was closed and strapped haha):

It started out easy, too easy :
and finally now; Even happier haha! *Praise da looooord* - can u hear me through the picture?
So I'm going to eat something now, I am really hungry! Catch you later! Peace!