My hairstyles of 2014 (plus my NY resolutions & what I wish for)

Good evening! 
2015 is here and I can't believe That we are already stumbling on to day 6 already!!! 
I have made a few new years resolutions. I usally don't but I want to grow in so many ways and I did a little soul searching and I realized that I need more discipline. I am greatful and proud of myself for even doing half of the things I did with youtube and etc but I need to step my game up for every month if I want to get where I need to be at the end of 2015! 
As for my hair year, it's been great! 
I do see a huge change in hair growth and I have more routines and plans. 
In 2015 I wish for
Thicker/healthier hair
Longer hair 
New styling options 
Try out more products 
And a trip to Jamaica hahahaha! 
No but seriously I have to put more youtube videos out there too. So that is my plaaaaan ! 
What I wish for from you as my follower is, to keep in contact and don't be shy to contact me and tell me what you want to see more/less of. 
Muaaah love you guys thanks for following me, please continue to do so! 
My hairstyles of 2014 
Its a mixture of wigs, braids, natural hair, crochets braids and protective styles in general. 
Colours of Africa, Taj Mahal, Diivine hair sweden & Afrostore and many more 😘 It's been a great year, let's  make it even greater this year! 

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