Blue Lady - Where have I been?

Hey girl! 
I am so sorry for not posting in a while. Since the blog company won't give me my address that I paid for I kind of got pissed off and refused to post but I do love blogging so I'll just have to find a way to get what I paid for and move on. 
For those wondering where are you girl? I am hanging mostly on instagram these days because I feel like there are I can find people who inspire me to do better and It's just been easier. Now my facebook page (no I didn't block you lol) is down because I am doing my last courses in school and I needed to focus more. I can't say that I'm loving school right now but every day is a struggle but I'm getting there. My daughter has been sick a lot so you can probably understand where I'm coming from. 
But a little hair update.  I am doing as many protective styles as I can right now because I have had my hair out for a loooong time almost too long actually for this swedish weather. So I'm doing boxbraids, long braids, might even do crotchet braids again, who knows! 
This hairstyle was made by me wiihoo! 
The hair is from Taj Mahal. 
So just dropping off a few pictures for ya of the blue lady 😃 

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#1 - - Louie:

så snyggt! Älskar 90-tals retro<3