The small and big things I love

I love myself:
I love my legs.
I love my boobs
I love that I can always find something funny in a wierd situation and not stop laughing
I love that I don't take life too seriously
I love that I am creative
I love that I have a little gap between my teeth
I love my too beauty marks on my lip and the one on my boob
I love that I am real
I love that I can show emotions to everyone around me
I love that I have a bunch of good friends.
I love that I am honest
I love chicken
I love Pizza in the morning
I love meat
I love hotsauce
I love Jamaica
I love Sierra Leone
I love my doggy and I love my family and friends;
I love when People send me funny texts about strange people they met during the day.
I love when I hear a reggae song that just hits me right.
I love the sun
I love when Tania and her boyfriend just do things that make me think *They are so ment to be*
I love Tanias sick humour
I love fridas sarcastic humour
I love when Babyface keeps me strong
I love that I can still love my father even though we are not close
I love when Esma smiles and reminds me of a Tyra Banks look-a-like
I love when Esma laughs like marge
I love Irenes body and makes me fight to keep in shape
I love when Mr. H kisses me on the cheek
I love Mr. H's good advice
I love when Patricia and I think the same thing but don't tell anyone just laugh instead
I love Joannas Ocra soup haha
I love when Top model is on
I love when I find a dress that just fits me right
I love when I can just enjoy the moment in the club
I love that I can get my mack on
I love that there are still people in this world that can give you a compliment that you don't even know.

I love life. I love me.